Montessori Divisions

A key task of montessori academics is raising independent, self-motivated children

Mont 1

Our M1 children work with Practical life activities like Stringing Beads, Puzzles, Object to Object matching and Pouring activities. In Sensorial, they enjoy working with Cylinder Blocks, Pink cubes, Brown Stairs and Colour Tablets. In Language, they learn phonetics with the help of the Object box and analyze the sound then trace the Sand Paper Letters to learn the sound. In Math curriculum, they work and explore the Number rods which develops concepts in sequence of numbers from 1 to 10. They also work with Spindle boxes and Cards and Counters to learn the sequencing of numbers and to associate the quantities.

Mont 2

Our M2 children work with Practical life activities like Sorting different objects, Wet and Funnel pouring and Transferring balls using a tong. In Sensorial, they work with Geometric cabinet and cards, Colour Box II & III and Constructive triangles. In Language curriculum, children analyze sounds and form 3 – 4 letter words using Movable alphabet box. Also learn how to write the cursive letters in the notebook. In Math curriculum, they learn teen and ten numbers using Seguin boards where they learn to associate quantity with the numbers. They also learn to write the numbers in the notebook.


Mont 3

Our M3 children enjoy working with Chapati Rolling, Hand washing activities and Pounding material. In Sensorial, they work with Geometric Solids which allows them to understand 3D shapes. They also work with Basic Tablets, stereognostic bags and Trinomial Cube. In Language, children learn blends, phonograms, grammar and punctuations. They learn to read and write sentences. Also, they learn reading comprehension and creative writing. In Math, they learn operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They also learn the composition of number and the quantity.